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  • Solutions Made to Measure

    • Standout from your competition with a custom theme!
    • Your website, developed to fit your needs and surpass your expectations!
    • Flexible to grow and adapt with your business
    • Get Noticed! Start your eCommerce Shop! Communicate direct to Consumers!

    Responsive & Accessible

    • Developed with mobile first in mind and easily responds to any screen.
    • Efficient use of images to load the right size for the device and reduces page load time.
    • Using inclusive design patterns so everyone can access and read your content.
    • Smart language detection. Offers the site in the visitors’ language first.

    Manage your own content

    • Stay in control and edit your page content with an integrated content management system (CMS).
    • Easily upload and manage images, video or documents.
    • Control who is able to edit different types of content.
    • Keep in contact with your visitors through contact forms, blogs, forums or live chat.

    Performance is Everything

    • Speed page loads with optimized images, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
    • Keep visitors on site by avoiding unnecessary page refreshes.
    • Fast, secure and reliable open-source coding frameworks.
    • Integrated analytics: Understand real value of your site performance.

The process:

At cognetif, we take the time to fully analyze and plan your project before writing a single line of code. We know that our understanding of your web site or application goals is the key to the projects success and we're not willing to compromise that by offering anything other than a complete solution.

Here is how we put it all together:

  • 1. Project planning & Requirements definition

  • 2. Research & Interface Mockups

  • 3. Iterative Development

  • 4. Final Testing & Quality Assurance

  • 5. Production Deployment

  • 6. Support & Maintenance

Lets get started...

How can we help? Be sure to include a good description of your vision and we will get straight to work with you realizing your new web project!