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Web Development

Looking for a new website or application ?

Cognetif can help bring your vision into reality. We build high performance, accessible and inclusive websites and applications using the latest technology. Leveraging pre-existing components and frameworks from the generous open source web development community allows our clients to save time and money at each phase of the development cycle. Be it a marketing website for your new restaurant or a fully integrated web application to manage your manufacturing line, trust the development to Cognetif.

Control your content, don't worry about the design

We develop websites around professional content management systems (CMS) that are less dependent on external plugins, are more secure, easier to update and less prone to failure. This allows the content editor to focus on the quality of the content and not having to worry about impacting the design. Need some custom functionality? We can build that seamlessly into the CMS as well producing an extremely flexible platform that will grow at the same pace as your business needs.

Our development philosophy :

  1. Use the right technology for the job.
  2. Code as lean as possible with the fewest dependencies.
  3. Empower content editors with a professional structured content CMS.
  4. Responsive, accessible and inclusive by default.

Our values :

  1. Open, honest and transparent communication.
  2. Respecting client and user privacy rights.
  3. Application security and performance.

Love your website again!

Data Integration

Feel like you're wasting time working with data ?

With the new era of SaaS (Software as a Service) many businesses use multiple disconnected online services to organise, market and operate their business.But SaaS can come with the price that your data is spread between different services that don't always play well together let alone speak the same language.Cognetif can help you better integrate your data between systems, automagically!Our integration solutions tailored with reporting and analysis dashboards, you data is transformed into meaningful information which allows for critical business decisions and thus reduces the time your employees spend transferring data between systems, creating spreadsheets or reports.

Take Control of your data today!

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Site Rescue

Has your website been lost at sea?

Do you have a site that's been hacked and used as part of a phishing or spamming or crypto mining scheme? Maybe you've simply lost your administration access?Cognetif can help rescue your site and get it back online quickly.

How we can help :

  1. Identify and remove the threat.
  2. Analyze damage or data loss and restore backups.
  3. Analyze different attack vectors which could have resulted in the event and correct or remove the issue.
  4. Provide extra layers of protection to prevent future events.
  5. Implement automatic rotating external file and database backups.
  6. Generate new log-ins in case of lost access.

Let Cognetif throw your website a lifebuoy!

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What people are saying

  • Amanda Shafer
    Amanda Shafer
    McCormick Taylor
    Jordin has been a tremendous help with implementing custom solutions for Perch CMS. His PageSelect field type that he developed was exactly what I needed to extend the CMS so it was more user-friendly for my editors. He provided support with an issue I was having with installation so I was able to get it working right away, and was very responsive and receptive to suggestions for improvement of the tool.
  • Jonathan Silvers
    Jonathan Silvers
    Saybrook Productions Ltd.
    Jordin an exceptional web developer and advisor. He is attentive, responsive, inventive, and professional in every way. He's worked on all of my web-based projects for several years now, and has always exceeded my expectations. His creative solutions are as forceful as his technical skills. I look forward to future projects in collaboration with Jordin and Cognetif.
  • Nick Loat
    Nick Loat
    Loat Davies
    Jordin's help, support and patience resolving problems with missing CMS functionality and tracking down the cause of code exceptions has been invaluable… and has helped keep my e-commerce project on-track. Really appreciate the 'best proactice' knowledge sharing too. Great work, thank you.

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